It’s Time We Had Some Examples of Catholic Manliness in the Parishes

Yes, It’s time we had some examples of Catholic manliness in the Catholic Church! We live in a time of gender confusion, where the lines between masculine and feminine are intentionally blurred. This disease, which has infected the world, unfortunately infected the church decades ago. The other day we went to the movies and almost … Read more

Prayer to St Joseph to Obtain a Conversion

There a few things more gut-wrenching than the thought of our loved ones going to hell. And this is why we have to pray and fight for souls. Sometimes it seems like our prayers are in vain because the person we’re praying for shows little interest and in hearing about God, let alone in wanting … Read more

Prayer to St Joseph for Protection

St Joseph is often referred to as the “Terror of Demons,” which is why this prayer to St Joseph for protection is so appropriate. As our Lord’s foster father, he cared for Him and Mary, and made sure they were kept safe, when Herod was searching for our Lord. It is a father’s responsibility to … Read more

Burying a St Joseph Statue in the Ground – Superstitious?

2018 Update: I’m still not sure if this is something we should be doing.  Comment with your thoughts.  Call it the remnants of my Protestant aversion to anything that appears remotely superstitious, but the whole idea of burying a St Joseph statue smacks of voodoo, hoodoo, Santeria, or other superstitious traditions, whispered about in the … Read more