What are Mortal Sins In the Catholic Church & Where Can I Find a Mortal Sins List?

It’s not easy to find a comprehensive mortal sins list. They’re usually scattered about in various sources. Although we make no claim that this list is complete, it is quite comprehensive. We do know that some of the most frequently confessed sins are sins against purity. Most practicing Catholics know when they’ve committed such sins … Read more

One Simple Way to Make An Act of Perfect Contrition – The Three Visits

What is Perfect Contrition? Since just one mortal sin could condemn you to hell forever, what do you do if you sin on Monday, but won’t be able to get to confession until the weekend?   Pray an Act of Perfect Contrition, that’s what! Then go to confession as soon as you’re able.  “Perfect contrition … Read more

A Traditional Act of Contrition

This traditional act of contrition is a favorite among Catholics. Even though there are other variations, we find ourselves coming back to this one over and over. Oh, my God,I am heartily sorry forhaving offended Thee,and I detest all my sins,because I dread the loss of heaven,and the pains of hell;but most of all becausethey … Read more