Soldiers of the Church Militant Announces First Layman, Laywoman & Shepherd of the Year

shepherd of the year


The Soldiers of the Church Militant Traditional Catholic Facebook Group announced its first Shepherd, Lay or Religious of the year awards.

The members of the Traditional Catholic group voted in a poll.

In order for a prelate to qualify for the Shepherd of the Year award, he had to be:

  •  a male;
  • at the least,  a consecrated priest;
  • a staunch defender of the orthodoxy of Catholicism.

The lay categories were split into layman & laywomen.   One could also vote for either a  male or female member of a religious order. The member of the religious order could not be a consecrated priest, since that would fall under the “Shepherd” category.

In order for a religious or laywoman to qualify, he or she had to be:

  • A staunch defender of the orthodoxy of Catholicism.
  • Somewhat in the public eye, and thus impact many Catholics.
  • Someone who did great work geared towards Gospel of Jesus Christ and/or for the benefit of other Catholics, at least part time.

And now for the winners!


‘ “Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’s sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” This merit arises from all the virtues and gifts, especially from heroic patience in persecutions, by which the soul is purified, such that amidst torments themselves is found a superhuman happiness [beatitude]…Concerning these things, Chrysostom says: “He who seeks only God’s glory, does not fear to be confounded in the sight of men.” Theirs is the kingdom of heaven; this is the joy of contemplation and of union with God amidst persecutions themselves…This is the loftiness of Christian perfection, described in the concrete and vividly…“Be ye therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect,” that is to say, with a supernatural perfection, not only angelic, but divine, which is ordered to seeing God as He immediately sees Himself and to loving Him for eternity. To this especially priests ought to tend.” – Rev. Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P., On the Sanctification of Priests (According to the Needs of our Times)

In contemplating the words of Rev. Father Garrigou-Lagrange, and looking at the current shepherds of our times, the bravery, courage, and steadfastness of his Eminence,  Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke has not gone unnoticed in the year 2016. A true and loyal son of the Church, he continues to stand firm in defense of the immutable truths of Divine Wisdom, the Word made Flesh. With the greatest apostolic charity and delicacy, he seeks to be obedient to the Chair of Peter while still seeking to fulfill his duty and commission from our Lord to correct errors that have gone uncorrected.

Despite the constant onslaught of mockery, calumny and derision he is receiving from his brother bishops and cardinals (even throughout the Christmastide of 2016), he continues on his path undeterred. While much could be said of this cardinal from the United States of America, it makes me wonder in awe to think that our children and our childrens’ children may one day be referring to his Eminence as a Doctor of the Church, or even with the title “Malleus Modernistarum (The Hammer of the Modernists)”.

May God bless him and keep him as the sheep witness the actions of our shepherds in the year 2017.” ‘

~Joaquin Silva – Admin, Soldiers of the Church Militant FB Group


michael voris layman of the year.


Gary Michael Voris (born 20 August 1961) is an American Roman Catholic journalist, author, and apologist. He is the president and founder of Saint Michael’s Media, a religious apostolate producing on-demand video programs on the website (Wikipedia)

After years of expirience working in broadcasting Voris, moved by the death of his brother and mother, went through a conversion and deepened his Catholic faith. Later, in response to the DaVinci Code, Voris had planned to make a one-hour TV program in order to refute the film, but then felt called to create a full time apostolate of Catholic programs, designed to educate a generation of Catholics largely ignorant of Church teaching.

Since then, Voris’ has reached millions of viewers worldwide.

More recently , in 2016, Voris publicly admitted in detail the sins of his past before his conversion. His example of living chastely has given hope and courage to other people suffering from these same difficulties.

~Danielle Kirpluk – Admin,  Soldiers of the Church Militant FB Group

laywoman of the year, dr alice von hildebrand


Married to the late philosopher and theologian Dietrich von Hildebrand, Alice von Hildebrand has proven to be an author in her own right. As the world continues to spiral out of control with the collapse of the family, the skyrocketing rate of divorces, children born out of wedlock, and the rise of feminist extremism and “female priests”, Mrs. von Hildebrand continues to shine in our society with the light of Christ as she extols the virtues of true femininity and the joys of Holy Matrimony. Although her husband Dietrich wrote about the utmost importance of the family to society and the Church, Alice lifts up her own voice to speak to the women of the world, showing and encouraging them that indeed they can find true happiness and fulfillment in life while still being true to the nature of womanhood in all its created splendor. May God bless her work and bring it to the attention of more and more women searching for the truth of their dignity through their birthright as daughters of the Most High God. ”

~Joaquin Silva – Admin, Soldiers of the Church Militant Group

Excited to see who wins in 2017.

Happy New Year!

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