Welcome to Rigorous Advent 2019!

Thank you for joining us in this Advent journey! We pray for God’s blessings and guidance as we prepare for his intercession!

Be sure to check this page daily, as there will be daily uploads! Sometimes the audio is placed later in the blog post, so you might have to scroll down.

Let’s do this!

Yours in Christ & Dominic,

Cynthia Burley

  • Audio: Welcome & Why I Created Rigorous Advent
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our lady of the expectation

Second Week of Advent

immaculate mother

Third Week of Advent

Fourth Week of Advent

End of Mediations

Thank you!

I have enjoyed going through this journey with you.

Thanks so much for your support and I hope you were blessed.

Let me know if you’d like to see a “Rigorous Lent”. It would consist of weekly meditation (30 minutes or so each).

I will be sending out a feedback form in a couple of weeks.

Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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