Remember Christian Soul – Subjects for Daily Meditation

A wonderful way to grow in holiness is to meditate on these subjects of daily meditation (also called “Remember Christian Soul”).

Just meditating and doing what the first two lines (God to glorify, Jesus to imitate) recommends, can do away with a multitude of sins.

Let us remember to each day meditate on these subjects for daily meditation.

Remember Christian Soul – Subjects for Daily Meditation

Remember, Christian soul, that thou has this day, and every day of thy life:

God to glorify.
Jesus to imitate.
A soul to save.
A body to mortify.
Sins to repent of.
Virtues to acquire.
Hell to avoid.
Heaven to gain.
Eternity to prepare for.
Time to profit by.
Neighbors to edify.
The world to despise.
Devils to combat.
Passions to subdue.
Death, perhaps, to suffer.
Judgment to undergo.

-St. Augustine of Hippo

Memento, tuum esse hodie:

Deum glorificare,
Iesum imitari,
beatissimam Virginem et Sanctos venerari,
Angelos invocare,
animam salvare,
corpus mortificare,
virtutes a Deo exorare,
peccata expiare,
paradisum comparare,
infernum evitare,
aeternitatem considerare,
tempus bene applicare,
proximum aedificare,
mundum formidare,
daemones impugnare,
passiones frenare,
mortem semper exspectare,
ad iudicium te praeparare.

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2 thoughts on “Remember Christian Soul – Subjects for Daily Meditation

  1. Paul Camarata

    English translation of the above prayer…leaves out two important lines in the Latin:

    “beatissimam Virginem et Sanctos venerari,
    Angelos invocare,”

    “the most Blessed Virgin and the Saints to venerate,
    Angels to invoke,”


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