Prayer When Unable to Assist at Daily Mass

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Some of us would love to assist at daily Mass, but are unable to because of a variety of reasons. This is a good time to pray the “Prayer When Unable to Assist at Daily Mass”.

prayer when unable to assist at daily mass

Go, my Angel Guardian dear, 
To church for me, —–the Mass to hear. 
Go, kneel devoutly at my place 
And treasure for me every grace. 
At the Offertory time 
Please offer me to God Divine. 
All I have and all I am, 
Present it with the Precious Lamb. 
Adore for me the great Oblation. 
Pray for all I hold most dear 
Be they far or be they near. 
Remember too, my own dear dead 
For whom Christ’s Precious Blood was shed. 
And at Communion bring to me 
Christ’s Flesh and Blood, my food to be. 
To give me strength and holy grace 
A pledge to see Him face to face 
And when the Holy Mass is done 
Then with His blessing, come back home. 


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3 thoughts on “Prayer When Unable to Assist at Daily Mass

  1. Melanie Baglow

    I found this misleading. It is not a sin to miss daily mass and basically that’s what it said. But I do like the prayer, thanks!

  2. Stephanie Mann

    You should not deceive your readers. It is not a grave sin to miss Mass during the week. It is a grave sin to miss Mass for Sunday or Holy Day obligation, except for a serious reason like personal illness, etc. Please clarify your post!

    1. Convert on Fire Post author

      I would never knowingly “deceive” my readers, but I might make a mistake. I must have been thinking about Sunday Mass while typing about daily Mass. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for commenting Stephanie and Melanie! Post updated.


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