Must-Listen “Examination of Conscience” Talk

This examination of conscience is completely traditional.  If you listen to it, it will reinforce your faith and  thoroughly prepare you for confession and lead you toward SANCTITY.

There is so much modernism, it’s not always easy to know what is a sin and what is not.

This video makes things ultra clear!


Praying with non-Catholics, actively participating in the weddings of non-Catholics wedding (as a bridesmaid, for example); singing or playing in a non-Catholic church;   what is considered servile work on Sundays; the role of parents  and children; resisting authority; whether voting is legal justice; living wills; dying a holy death; excessive drinking, promiscuity, divorce, modesty, vulgar speech, envy and much more.

If you think you’re living a pretty holy life, listen to this examination of conscience sermon.  Listen as you clean, drive, at bedtime etc.  It’s awesome!

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  1. I must disagree with some of your points in the Examination of Conscience especially giving honor to manifest excommunicated heretics !


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