Light As A Feather – A Poem About the Shaking Down of Michael Voris

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There was a man who had much zeal
He spoke his mind, he kept it real
Except he angered men of power
Who lay in wait, for the hour
When they’d exposed his sins of old
The ones he never, ever told
But much to the chagrin of those
Who through his words, had made them foes
The man himself revealed his sins
And sordid secrets held within
Sins only his confessors knew
Sins long absolved, sins truly rued
Yet forced to bring them all to light
What once was hidden, in plain sight
And thus divested of great weight
Light as a feather, smiles and waits

Poem by Cynthia Smith, 4/22/2016

If you don’t know what this poem is about, where have you been man? Read about it on The Vortex – Church Militant.

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