Racism Among Traditional Catholics on Facebook – Say It Isn’t So – Part I

racism among catholics

2020 Update – the 2020 Racial Riots

Because I am not a Leftist who believes in erasing history, I thought I’d dig up this old post about my experience with racism on Catholic Facebook.
I have grown in understanding since then and feel so differently about race and the racial divisions in the United States.
I understand that I had been brainwashed to think everything was racism, while in fact, most are misunderstandings based on not being exposed to other races and cultures.
However, there is true racism and we should call it out when we see it.

2017 Update

With the recent news events, I thought I’d update my experience,  discussed in the post below from 2015.  Part II can be found here.

This is not a popular topic among white-American Catholics.  In fact, you are called racist for trying to be “divisive”.  However, I think it is a conversation we should continue to have.

I continue to see comments from Traditional Catholics celebrating “white pride” and threads that imply Catholicism is somehow linked to Nationalistic thought.

So things haven’t changed that much, unfortunately.

What has been your experience?

Original 2015 Post

“I believe segregation was good. There’s a reason why God had different races. Race mixing is disgusting and ungodly”, so said  a white Catholic Facebook group member.

Wait. How did I find myself in a meeting of the Aryan youth? Most importantly, how did I get in with my dark skin? I’m being facetious about numbering myself among the Aryan youth, but over the four years that I have been a traditional Catholic and involved in Catholic Facebook groups, I have found myself suddenly transported into an era where blacks are called animals and monkeys and “Moriscos (Moors), where people are comfortable posting that the black community causes all the problems within America due to the high crime rates and illegitimacy rates (a favorite topic), and implying that they deserve any undue police brutality because “all lives matter”. Don’t let me start on the Jew hate.

Whoa! I didn’t find any of these teachings in the Catechism of the Catholic Church – not even in the Baltimore or Catechism of Trent!

st nartin de porres, st martinNow granted, all these loud purveyors of heresy – yes it is heresy to believe that God would condone racism when he created us in all of our beautiful phenotype variety – would probably never daretheir mouths offline. Fortunately, most people who have been raised correctly have filters and don’t just blurt out every thought that enters their heads. The anonymity of the internet makes shy introverts aggressive and removes any filter that a decent person might have. Some might say, “It’s the internet. Get over it.” Interestingly, however real friendships are forged on Facebook with people even meeting each other offline. Gone are the days when the internet was not meshed with our offline lives. We are always connected, so it hurts when you see some of the “friends” you laugh with, pray with and counsel, make racially-tinged comments or “like” the comments of their more obviously racist friends.