6 Remedies Against Gluttony (Overeating) from the ‘Sinner’s Guide’

There is a wonderful little book called “The Sinner’s Guide”.  Do not read this book if you don’t want your sin brought into the light!  This book is for souls who are seeking personal sanctity. I stumbled upon these remedies against gluttony, from which many of us suffer from, at least occasionally, and I thought … Read more

15 Catholic Saint Quotes on Attachment & Detachment To Help You Let Go

In the pursuit of sanctity, one of the most difficult virtues to attain is the virtue of detachment. These quotes on attachment and detachment are meant to inspire you to do your best to detach from this world. What are Attachment & Detachment? Detachment in the Catholic sense, simply means indifference, whereas attachment is the … Read more

5 St. John Bosco Quotes on Idleness – Don’t Be Idle in 2020

St John Bosco’s quotes on idleness are extremely applicable to the current times. During the 2020 lockdowns and ensuing George Floyd protests, it became painfully clear to a lot of people that the lockdowns contributed to the civil unrest. The original protests were just. The world watched the video of George Floyd’s death and condemned … Read more

Remember Christian Soul – Subjects for Daily Meditation (English & Latin)

A wonderful way to grow in holiness is to meditate on these subjects of daily meditation (also called “Remember, Christian Soul”). They cover every aspect of our spiritual lives: every struggle, every virtue we need to cultivate. These subjects for daily meditation reminds us of what’s important in life, and what we need to focus … Read more

What are Mortal Sins In the Catholic Church & Where Can I Find a Mortal Sins List?

It’s not easy to find a comprehensive mortal sins list. They’re usually scattered about in various sources. Although we make no claim that this list is complete, it is quite comprehensive. We do know that some of the most frequently confessed sins are sins against purity. Most practicing Catholics know when they’ve committed such sins … Read more

It’s Just a Little Venial Sin, Right? – How Majoring in Minor Things Can Quickly Land You in Major Trouble

  My dear brothers and sisters, some of us have grown very careless when it comes to venial sin. We strive to remain free from mortal sin or we confess it at the first opportunity, but we are casual about venial sin.  Why? Because venial sin does not separate us  from God. And thus we … Read more