How Men Can Be Monogamous, According to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Letters

Tolkien once wrote a letter on how men can be monogamous. The implication is that men are not naturally monogamous. Usually, when someone hears of a devoted Catholic man committing adultery, there are expressions of shock and disbelief. “Not John, who goes to adoration five times a day!” “Not Peter, who brought the Latin Mass … Read more

The Healing of Memories | Cooperating with Grace To Heal From Past Sins

Like most men who survived their twenties, I was a regular consumer of pornography. Not occasionally, and not compulsively, but somewhere between the two extremes. It’s the white sugar of the internet — cheap, accessible, pervasive, and empty. Being Catholic didn’t help — at least not initially. I came into the Church at 18 in … Read more

The Octave Triduum – Celebrating the Martyrs of Christmas

The glory days of the Church calendar (pre-1955), once highlighted the commencement of the Octave Feast of the Nativity with consecutive celebrations of three martyrs of Christmas, exemplifying the three types of martyrdom: the red martyr Stephen, the white martyr John, and the infant martyrs (the Holy Innocents). The origin of this trio of celebrations … Read more