Act of Consecration to St Michael the Archangel – An Appeal for Protection

We know that there are various Acts of Consecration, such as the Act of Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. But did you know about this Act of Consecration to St Michael the Archangel? Why Should We Pray an Act of Consecration to St Michael? St Michael is the guardian … Read more

A Prayer for Deceased Mothers by St Augustine

This prayer for deceased mothers, is an excerpt from the Confessions, where St Augustine prays for his beloved deceased mother, St Monica. What a blessing it is to have a praying mother. St Monica prayed for St Augustine’s conversion her whole life, and her prayers were answered. St Augustine once said, “Give me praying mothers … Read more

Stressing Over Exams? Pray These Prayers to St Joseph of Cupertino For Success in Exams

Wonderful Testimonies of St Joseph of Cupertino’s Intercession! 2020 Update: What a pleasure to see all the testimonies on this page!,  Through the Intercession of of St  Joseph of Cupertino, there have been tons of successful exam outcomes.  Keep the comments coming!  Ora Pro Nobis S. Josephi di Cupertino! St Joseph of Cupertino is the … Read more

Prayer to St Joseph for Priests|Obtain Humility & Zeal for Priests

Priests have a unique role to play and we need them greatly. They are able to consecrate! This is why it’s so important to turn to prayers that are specifically for priests like this “Prayer to St Joseph for Priests.” Some of the Saints have stressed how important the priesthood is. For example, St Leonard … Read more