In 2011, after a Google search on another matter, I found myself on Catholic Answers.  Thus began my journey to the Catholic Church.

Now that I’ve been  a Catholic for seven years, I still have the burning desire to learn about he Church and to pass on the fruits of my learning.

Whether you’re a cradle Catholic, a catechumen, or someone who landed on this site by mistake, there is a reason why you’re here.  Come with me and learn with me as we explore the faith of our fathers in all its beauty and richness.

May God bless you richly!

Cynthia Burley

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  1. Gayle

    Hello Cynthia,
    I absolutely love what you are doing here! I’ve only run across this by accident (yet there are no accidents!), and admire that you have this to inspire others. I would like to encourage you to take note of some things, as you seem someone who loves the truth and is willing to examine written information.

    Recently I came to know of the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, the masonic blueprint for the subversion of the Catholic Church. In a women’s retreat that I attended, l learned that the targets for this moral corruption were the princes, priests and women. Wow!!, I thought, we wee women must be pretty important if in with that group. Vindex, a mason, has said that the corruption of women will be the greatest corruption. It was then that it all came together in my mind of the weight of this, and I began to search the writings of the Church to find out how to not be a part of this plan. And my search has grown as I have learned so much in my quest for truth and what would be most pleasing to Our Lord in how my girls and I dress, as I found dress was one of their biggest tools. I would encourage you to look into this and maybe you could use this site to help others to be aware of it.

    I also noticed that you had Pope Pius XI’s guidelines for “Marian dress”. This was encouraging to see! I would like to point out, though, that as the Church was going through modernist changes as the Novus Ordo crept in, so was some of the written info going through changes. For example, I have found several different printings of the Papal Decree on modesty. The basic structure is often the same, but I have never seen a #8 point as you had on this site. From what I have found, the decree is numbered 1-7. All of the somewhat different printings have the same points of 1-7, but each are followed by a somewhat different “explanation”, in a sense, to clarify the details. Unfortunately, I do not think Pope Pius XI would agree with some of the explanations that came out later and were not in keeping with his message. And because the statement “Slacks or jeans should not be worn in church” is not in any of the initial writings of this decree that I have found, we cannot conclude that this was his intent. If we consider what Cardinal Siri said (years later, which was supported by the Holy See), in 1960 in a notification concerning women’s dress, we can conclude, in keeping with the mind of the Church, that these additions were not part of Pope Pius XI’s message. In fact, all of the copies I have of this (all of them differing slightly in the explanation portion) state that slacks and jeans did not meet Marylike standards for neither church nor everyday wear. Modernism was condemned by Pope Pius X in his encyclical and it has seeped into everything, even the printings of Marylike standards. We must be aware of this in comparing literature and where it originates.

    I also would like to mention that we can easily follow the 1-7 original points given in the Marylike Standards and still look fashionable and feminine. I think my daughters and myself do this, and I don’t think we’re ever looked upon as outlandish or drawing attention to ourselves, but rather look refreshing and encouraging to others who recognize this as wholesome. We have followed the standards whether we want to look elegant or simply be functional on a day-to-day basis. We go to mass, grocery store, school, (good) movies, college classes, etc. all in keeping with the standards and wearing clothes that are fashionable today. It just takes a little extra effort and I must say, too, heart. I think it is a breath of fresh air for the many men who just would like to see women be women, and dress like women too. I can’t imagine what they battle every day with tight jeans and tight, low cut tops. Custody of the eyes must be a difficult process for those that what to preserve their purity.

    Thanks so much for reading this, and God bless you in all your work here! I’m sure Our Lord and Our Lady are overjoyed with anyone who has a thirst for Truth. They surely will be blessed!

    In Our Lady,
    Mrs. Gayle Bischel

  2. Donna K

    Thank you, Mrs. Gayle Bischel, for your witness concerning today’s women’s dress to keep with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and Pope Pius XI’s guidelines/points for women to follow in dress using the Marylike Standards. We know how distortion grows from uninformed use of following the crowd’s way of thinking. I, too, came across this site by Divine Guidance. I am so happy to have found this site, thank you Cynthia Burley. I am life long practicing Roman Catholic and keep learning theology to share God’s Word. Keep up sharing the Good News. God Bless, Donna K


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