A Wife’s Prayer – Daily Prayer for Your Husband, Marriage & Family

wife's prayer

A wife’s prayer,  or lack thereof, can  positively or negatively affect a marriage.

One of our God-given duties is  to help our husbands get to heaven.   How will that happen if we don’t specifically pray for our spouses and our marriages?

You know when your husband gets on your nerves?   Pray for him.

You know when you don’t think he’s affectionate or loving enough?  Pray for him.

You know when he is not taking a  leadership role?   Pray for him.

If you notice, the prayer is not just for your husband, but it is also for you, as well as for your children.

Pray for your husband and your family, so that the evil one has no hold on your family.

And now,  for ‘a wife’s prayer”…

A Wife’s Prayer

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Thou didst institute marriage in the in the earthly Paradise and in the New Law Thou didst elevate it to the dignity of a sacrament, attaching to it many graces. Grant to my husband and me the grace to live holy in so sacred a state and, by the practice of Catholic virtues, to act always as is becoming a Catholic couple. As Thy minister joined our hands at the holy altar, so may we journey through life with one heart and soul, tasting its pleasures with moderation, enduring its sorrows with resignation and, at all times, mutually assisting and consoling each other. May Thy true and holy fear strengthen us to restrain the low desires of the flesh, and to serve Thee uprightly with pure heart and eyes and lips, in mutual esteem and forbearance!

Grant that the children born of our union may be pure of heart and well-disposed in mind, and that they may gladly walk in the way of Thy Commandments. Teach us to be faithful images of the Holy Family of Nazareth, of the blessed foster-father Joseph, of the most devout Mother Mary, the most blessed Mother of the Child Jesus, that we may be made worthy to live under their protection, to die in their favor, and to be forever blessed in their society. Amen.

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