A Convert’s Thanks

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A Convert’s Thanks

You heard my cry

Fr Damonn Sypher, FSSP performing the “Traditional Rite of Reception of a Convert.”  September 2011. The most beautiful day of my life.

A cry imperceptible to my own ears

A cry which arose from the depths of a void

A void expanding into my soul and my flesh

A missing piece of a puzzle, that you held in your hands

You waited while I barreled through life, searching

Feeling so alive, and yet so dead

Oh yes. I wanted, I needed, I thirsted

And when the thirst became more than I could bear

You came as a whirlwind, lifting me out of the void

And placed me where you willed me to be

And I lay there stunned

As my not-so-perfect world shattered into a thousand little pieces

You came rushing in, filling the void

Cool, living waters with no end

I drank and gasped, and drank again.

Cynthia Marie Smith, O.P.
December 10, 2015




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