Ep. 27: 4 Reasons Why I Only Wear Skirts and Dresses – Lifechanging!

Soon after my conversion to Catholicism, I decided to only wear skirts and dresses. It made such a difference in my life from the way I looked, to my sense of modesty and my feelings of responsibility when it came to others.

In this Episode

  • The history of women wearing pants in the U.S.
  • How wearing dresses and skirts affect your femininity.
  • How women’s practice of wearing pants blur the line between masculine and feminine.
  • Modesty and pants.
  • How pants can cause you to be an occasion of sin.

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4 thoughts on “Ep. 27: 4 Reasons Why I Only Wear Skirts and Dresses – Lifechanging!”

  1. Hello! Regarding wearing only skirts and dresses… what about when gardening?! I really enjoy working in my yard, which sometimes entails being on my hands and knees, digging, pulling weeds, Bending over, etc. I wear baggy shorts that cover my knees, but it seems wearing a skirt for many activities wouldn’t be practical or modest! Please give any insight about this! Thank you and God bless you!

    • I think it’s okay to wear baggy, long shorts while gardening, as it’s usually in the back and out of sight. I do very little gardening, but even when I do, I wear comfortable skirts or casual dresses with long shorts underneath. One can also wear pants with a skirt on top of it for modesty.

  2. I started only wearing skirts and dresses recently. I think that I matured and grew out of hypersexualizing myself as a teenager which included wearing pants. I do it for modesty and to also show that I am not just my body. When we dress immodestly, our sexual identity is heightened and we put too much importance or priority to it. Our sexual identity is good and part of who we are but it shouldn’t not be the main focus of who we are which is exactly what happens when we dress immodestly.


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