A More Rigorous Lent 2019 Lenten Reflections

a more rigorous lent 2019


rigorous lent podcast

Week 5: Rigorous Lent L011: When Humble Words Reveal Subtle Pride

Week 4: Rigorous Lent L010: Meekness Does Not Mean “Doormat”

Week 4: Rigorous Lent L009: Are You Spitting in Our Lord’s Face?

Week 3: Rigorous Lent L008:
A Tale of Three Zeals: The Difference Between True Zeal, Mistaken Zeal & Lax Zeal

Week 3: Rigorous Lent L007: Mind Your Business: When to Say Something and When to be Quiet

Week 2: Episode 6: The 3 Roots of Rash Judgment & Their Remedies

Week 2: Episode 5: Litany of Humility – Part III – Deliverance from Fears (continued)

Week 1: Episode 4: Litany of Humility Part II – Deliverance from Fears

Week 1, Episode 3: Prayer Before a Crucifix

Week 1, Episode 2: Litany of Humility – Deliverance from Desire

Week 1, Episode 1: We Must Embrace Death

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